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Ryan H.

Ryan H.


American, British

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Ryan Haugen is a narrator and voice over artist from Iowa. He can be heard in everything from audiobooks, audio dramas, video games, e-Learning, YouTube videos, Graphic Audio productions, and more. His youthful, warm, and dynamic approach to narration have helped him to specialize in the Young Adult and Science Fiction genres in particular.

Narrator of more than 100 audiobooks on Audible, Ryan has collaborated with Penguin Random House, Audivita, Silverton Audio, The Talking Book, and numerous USA Today Bestselling authors.

Engaged, passionate, and dedicated to consuming media as much as he is producing it, Ryan utilizes his lifelong passion for animation, cinema, and video games to inform his voice over approach.

He is always hunting for new projects to hone his craft and looks forward to hearing from authors and rights holders who wish to collaborate with him.


Elemental Links - YA Fantasy
00:00 / 51:38:33
Red City Blues - Mystery/Thriller
00:00 / 82:06:41
Commercial Demo
00:00 / 22:27:02
Character Demo
00:00 / 27:30:30

*Awards & Accomplishments*

Featured in AudioFile's Best Audiobooks of 2022 (A Court of Mist and Fury, Graphic Audio Productions)


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