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Sylvia G

Sylvia G


American, Canadian

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Sylvia is a trained audiobook narrator from the Greater Toronto Area. After working as a director, performer, and theatre educator for many years, Sylvia is now immersed in the world of audiobook narration. She has trained with Hillary Huber, completed Joel Froomkin's Acting for Audio course, and studied Theatre and Political Science at York University in Toronto. Sylvia clearly has an affinity for dark windowless rooms as she has spent most of her adult life in a theatre or recording booth!

​Sylvia grew up in a Portuguese-speaking household and her immersion in two distinct cultures instilled an early passion for language and travel. Sylvia is fluent in Portuguese (Iberian mainland dialect), speaks some conversational French, and can perform various accents.

Sylvia's grounded and empathetic approach to narration makes her suitable for diverse genres, including thrillers, fantasy, contemporary fiction, science fiction, romance, and political non-fiction. When she is not in front of a microphone, she can be found baking decadent and complicated cakes (to varying degrees of success), on outdoor family adventures, or finding creative ways to embarrass her kids in public.


00:00 / 59:05:15
Romantic Comedy M-F
00:00 / 63:10:22
Cozy Mystery F-F
00:00 / 62:25:31
Paranormal Romance M-F
00:00 / 73:31:12
Lit Fic F-F (mother and child)
00:00 / 66:28:27
Finance Demo
00:00 / 33:11:24
Romantic Comedy M- F
00:00 / 81:37:57
Contemporary Women's Fiction M-F
00:00 / 55:33:13

*Awards & Accomplishments*

- Multiple 5***** performance reviews on Audible


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