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Benefits of Audiobooks for Children

As audiobooks continue to rise and are becoming more and more popular, (read more here) research shows that for kids, audiobooks don't just keep them happy during long car rides, but there are many more benefits of audiobooks for children.

How audiobooks help children learn to read.

1. Listening to audiobooks helps children improve their speaking, reading and writing skills and expanding their vocabulary.

2. Helps motivate new or struggling readers by giving them a taste of how fun reading can be.

The benefits of listening to audiobooks are many

Multiple researches have shown that for children there are many benefits to listening to audiobooks.

  • Listening to audiobooks helps children improve their speaking and writing skills, develop better vocabulary, correct punctuation, enunciation and emphasis.

  • Audiobooks help develop a child's imagination and creativity because when listening kids (and adults) automatically picture in their minds the scenes and characters described.

  • Audiobooks are excellent for children with dyslexia and other reading disabilities.

  • For children with attention deficit disorder, listening is more distraction-free than reading.

  • Audiobooks help children develop their listening skills.

  • Very often kids are encouraged to actually read a book after they have listened to the audiobook.

  • Help children relax and fall asleep easier at night when they go to bed.

  • Audiobooks help children deal better with long journeys because they can be played in the car on airplanes, busses etc.

  • Audiobooks help children understand complex language.

  • Children who listen to audio books learn to understand language above their reading level, learn new words and understand how and where to use them.

Choosing audiobooks for your child

There are thousands of audiobooks out their from our loved classic stories to originals by new authors. Here are some tips on how to choose audiobooks for your child.

Always listen to the samples for the following:

  • Is the audio quality loud and clear?

  • Is the narrator’s voice pleasant and appropriate for the story?

  • If there is music and sound effects, are they keeping with the text, are they too loud and detracting from the words?

  • If the audiobook is presented by a cast are their voices appropriate for the ages and personalities of the characters they represent?

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Benefits of Audiobooks for Children

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