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Six Reasons To Create An Audio Version Of Your Book

The rapid growth and evolution of technology changes the way we do many things in our busy everyday lives. One of those is the way we can enjoy books. With the use of Smartphones, Blue Tooth Speakers, Apps, people are now able to enjoy audiobooks easily, anywhere and anytime.

We live in a digital age. Almost everything is available to us at our finger tips and mostly just a click of a button away. Audiobooks are a priceless innovation in this changing time where books are available to listen to on your phones or tabs.

We have a list of the 6 major reasons why authors should turn their books in to audiobooks during this era of fast life we all live now.

Why you should make an audiobook version of your book

DID YOU KNOW? Audiobooks are now a standard in the book publishing industry. Consumers now expect the audiobook version of your book

1. Expand your audience - Consumers now expect the audiobook version

Attract nonreaders. There is a giant group of millions of people in the world known as “nonreaders” who actually enjoy listening more rather reading, these are people that listen to podcasts, radio and audiobooks. Other people are busy and don’t have time to read a book, or are unable to read due to health or special needs (Blind, Dyslexia) or educational reasons. But millions of these people love listening. One of the main reasons for the booming in the audiobook market is that audiobooks are now consumed by this large group of people who enjoy listening to audiobooks. When you don’t have an audiobook, you miss out on the large group of audience.

2. Generate More Revenue

As discussed in reason 1, without making your book into an audiobook, your ability to reach a very large audience of interested readers becomes greatly reduced, since you won’t be able to sell to: All these people can add up to a very large population that you’re not reaching, but as soon as you create an audiobook, you can maximize every available opportunity to increase your sales and start smiling all the way to the bank.

3. Become better noticed

Audiobooks put you on the digital map. There are at least a million books on Amazon and over a hundred thousand books on Audible. When you publish an audiobook version of your book, you become more discoverable in the sea of books available online. This is mainly because so far not every author releases his audiobook despite the already massive but also expanding audience. And you have a shot at becoming a big fish in a small pond, inevitably making you way more prominent than other authors.

4. Audiobooks boost sales for e-books and paper books too

We all know how important word of mouth is. When people love your audiobook they recommend it in their circle and that further enhances audiobook sales. This is very similar to any other product in the market. However, when people love your audiobook they might go back and purchase a hard copy of it as well. Sometimes they keep it as a collectible, some people like collecting things they liked or sometimes they are bought to pass it on as gifts as well. All in all, boosting sales eventually.

5. Audiobooks Can Protect You From the Oprah Effect

Just like eBooks, audiobooks protect you from the Oprah Effect. There is never a stock shortage of your audiobook. Audiobook downloads are unlimited. If you haven’t heard of the Oprah Effect, here is a quick explanation. The Oprah Effect is when a popular person recommends your book out of the blue. Suddenly, 100,000 people all want to buy your book but the few thousand copies in the stores are quickly gone. Then your publisher scrambles to print more books, only to have them returned because everyone’s forgotten about the book

6. Creating an audiobook is easier now

While Audiobooks are becoming mainstream and people can listen while multitasking, the production of an Audiobook is now easier and the rates are now attractive and flexible down to a point where anyone can have an Audiobook version of their book. Living in the digital age access to thousands of narrators at various rates are easily found. on sites like ACX, and more. Professional Production Companies like produce high quality audiobooks at very good rates. offers a complete audiobook production and publishing service from manuscript to a fully produced and published audiobook.

Six Reasons To Create An Audio Version Of Your Book

e-Audio Productions

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