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It's A Wonderful Time

By Doug Stebleton & Reinhard Denke

Joshua Manning, Suzy Jackson, Fentriss Moore

Audiobook Sample

Duration: 10 hrs, 57min

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Evan West lives, breathes, and exists for everything film. His heart beats at 24 frames per second. He aspires to be much more than a film trailer editor, but he’s lucky to live and work in Hollywood. When Evan crashes into a telephone pole one night, he’s thrust into a temporal vortex—and suddenly transported back to Hollywood in 1946 during the making of the beloved Christmas movie It’s a Wonderful Life. Despite his confusion about how he went back in history, he befriends Jimmy Stewart, which leads to a job with director Frank Capra and to Dorothy Paige, the soul mate he could never find in his own time. Evan also meets Dr. William Cooper (Coop), a brilliant scientist and fellow time traveler who worked for Nikola Tesla in 1899. Can they save the film from being defiled by a greedy studio mogul and protect this timeless classic? When Evan and Coop both notice alarming physical and psychological changes, they know they must leave 1946...or die trying. Will they remain trapped in the 1940s, or can they solve the problem of time travel and escape back to their own time? If so, how can Evan leave the love of his life? Don’t miss this spectacular story of obsession, love, courage, and adventure during the Golden Age of Hollywood. An audiobook produced by e-Audio Productions


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