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A captivating voice

Joshua has been on our roster since 2018 and we have produced dozens of great sounding audiobooks together. It is always a pleasure to with Joshua for both his talent and professionalism.


 Joshua is a classically trained British/American actor trained at the Bristol Old VicTheatre School. He is proficient in UK and American accents, and his deep,resonant and clear voice has featured in over a hundred audiobooks to date.


Joshua has voiced hundreds of characters in dozens of titles over the past decade.

Hisvoice has featured in numerous radio dramas for the BBC. His work in audiodrama has been nominated for several accolades including the BBC Audio DramaAward, New York Radio Award and One Voice Award.


As a stage actor he has trod the boards on some of the UK’s most prestigiousstages including The National Theatre, Shakespeare’s Globe, National Theatre ofScotland, Manchester Royal Exchange and has worked with the likes of MarkRylance and Alan Ayckbourn.


He adores voice work, and likes nothing more thanbringing the written word to life.

Horror - Various Accents
Fiction - The Day We Meet Again by Miranda Dickinson (British)
Biography - Boy In The Bubble (Scottish)
Detective Thriller - Down A Dark River (British, Irish)
Joshua Manning - Fantasy - Monstrous (American)
Joshua Manning - Children's Lit - Hunt for the Mad Wolf's Daughter (Scottish)
Characters - Classic - Post Office by Charles Bukoswki (American)
Academic - Person Centred Counselling In Action (British)
Fiction - The Last Exchange(American)
Thriller - The Hunting Party (Scottish)
Ghost Story - The Mezzotint (R.P)
Non Fiction - The Curious Advantage

We are experts! We will produce a free 5 minute audition sample of your audiobook with Joshua brining your story to life. We will also provide you detailed information about the audiobook production and distribution process. All you need to do is upload your sample manuscript from the form below. and we will  be back to you after 2 - 3 days with your sample. 

You can also schedule a call here. We'd be happy to meet you!


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