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Many times authors and publishers prefer an audition casting instead of spending time going through our list of narrators to find a voice they may like. This saves them time.

We post those auditions here.

Male or Female Narrator P.O24530

Updated: Mar 8


We believe in unique human performances that bring life to stories. -- We believe real human performers should be supported. -- We believe human narration is what makes every performance unique. -- We believe in quality productions. -- e-Audio Productions will not be implementing AI narration nor will be selling or providing narrator voices to AI companies for use in AI narration.

Client: Publisher - ID P.O24530

Information sent by the publisher

Genre: Fiction / Fantasy, coming-of-age, romance

Word Count: 24,000

Narrator: Male or Female

Accents: Standard American dialects for Artiman and the Gold City characters.

More proper, upper status dialects for World Palace characters (i.e. Duke Fairmount, Duchess Melrose, Beatrice. Tafina)

Performance: Energetic for high energy scenes, serious when needed, and a bit of dramatic effect for character differences that arise. A well engaged read with a smooth flow for easy listening.


High school senior Artiman has a gift for baking, but he has always viewed it as just a hobby. That all changes one fateful day at Gold City Mall, where he stumbles upon a mysterious store and finds himself transported to World Palace—a realm of magic, wonder, and endless possibilities. Lost and bewildered, he meets Matrice, an elderly woman who becomes his baking mentor, showing him that his skills might just be his ticket to a life he never dared to dream. As Artiman gains recognition in this otherworldly domain, word of his baking prowess reaches Tafina, the soon-to-be heiress of World Palace. Curiosity piqued, Tafina makes it a point to visit Artiman’s bakery. Their eyes meet, and sparks fly—setting off a whirlwind romance and pulling Artiman deeper into the intrigues and responsibilities of this new world. As both of them learn to navigate love, leadership, and their unique gifts, they must make choices that could change the fate of World Palace forever.


Please record your great performance, send in raw "punch n roll" wav files. Recordings should be edited for mistakes and repeats but nothing more.

IMPORTANT: No EQ, No Compression, No Saturation, No Limiting or Normalizing. All that along with detailed edits for breath control, lip/mouth sounds, mixing, mastering will be done in our studio.

Download Audition DOC


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