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Caleb S


American, Canadian, British

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Caleb studied acting at NYU Tisch (at Lee Strasberg), the Boston Actors Workshop, and Skidmore College. He’s been performing on stage, on camera, and on a microphone for over 25 years (with a break to work in whale conservation and agro-ecological sustainability). Audiobook narration gives him an avenue to incorporate the things he loves into a single focus, and the ability to do it from his home on a remote island in the Pacific Northwest. As a 16-year partial stay-at-home Dad, he has more experience in reading out loud than in any other art!

Caleb grew up in the wooded suburbs of Boston, where Walden Pond was a swimming hole long before it was the renowned home of some bearded philosopher named Thoreau. His upbringing on an animal/nature-assisted therapy farm nurtured in him a deep reverence for animals and nature as well as a deep mistrust in pitchforks, shovels, and goats. It also gave him the gift of loving to lift up other people. Few things bring him joy as much as the act of sharing a bit of himself with someone in order to make their day a little (or a lot) better. Reading was always Caleb’s ticket to wonder, and he could be found many a morning asleep under his blanket with the flashlight still on, open book draped across his chest.

These days, when not narrating audiobooks, Caleb can usually be found in the kitchen baking (sourdough breads and cookies mostly), at a piano making noise, in the woods walking, reading books to his children (or sometimes to his dogs, if they’ll listen), singing, acting and dancing with his wife at their local performing arts center, waxing philosophic with his fish Neil, or contemplating the wild wonder of this crazy world.

If you really want to get him going, ask him about mushrooms, whales, soil microbiology, or harmful portrayals of gender stereotypes by the patriarchy...


Middle Grade Fantasy
00:00 / 34:23:19
Contemporary Fantasy
00:00 / 44:40:41
00:00 / 28:09:46
Historical Non-Fiction
00:00 / 16:13:08

*Awards & Accomplishments*

*2021 Grand Winner - Audiobook Adrenaline Awards


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