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I hope this message finds you well. I'm Candace Berry, a freelance audiobook narrator and voice-over actress. I have completed 10+ titles using Amazon’s ACX platform for Audible, I am writing today to offer my services as an audiobook producer and voice over actress, to help bring your clients' works to new audiences in a dynamic medium.

My Voice: My voice comfortably resides in the mid-range to deep spectrum, and can convey a neutral American General voice and an African American General voice. If your project demands it, I can also add a dash of Southern charm with a convincing US Southern accent, having lived in the Nashville, Tennessee area and with family in Kentucky and Georgia.

My Style: My narration style is reliably professional, articulate, and authoritative, yet I pride myself on infusing a warm, personable touch into every word. This unique blend perfectly suits genres like self-help, memoirs, and explainer-type books, making your content relatable and engaging.

Production Quality: I've honed my production process in my in-home studio to save you the headache of technical issues, respecting your time and the quality your audience deserves. My home studio features an AKG P120 High-Performance microphone connected to a Alesis MultiMix 4 FX four-channel desktop mixer, running on a Macbook Pro with Adobe Audition, all within a sound-treated recording space.

With 11+ completed projects on Audible's ACX platform under my belt, I'm poised and ready to dive into your next venture. A glimpse of my previous work includes the following titles, all currently or soon available on Audible:

• Self-Love For Black Women: Heal from the Racial, Relationship, and Childhood Trauma That’s Holding You Back, Stop Devaluing Yourself and Cure Toxic Self-Talk by Treating Yourself like Someone You Love by Nya Love
• A Safe Place to Talk About Race: 10 Thought-Provoking Interviews with Sharon E. Davis from her VoiceAmerica radio show, "A Safe Place to Talk About Race." by Sharon E. Davis
• Black Woman Empath: Channel African Sangomas Traditions to Thrive as a Melanated Empath, Enhance Psychic Abilities, Clear Karmic Ties, and Protect from Narcissists using Melanin Feminine Energy by Nya Love
• Black Women and Narcissists: Refuse to be Abused! Discover Why Black Women are Targets for Narcissistic Men, Reclaim Your Stolen Self-Worth and Stop Being ... so You Can Emotionally Heal For Good By Nya Love
• Emergency Preparedness Beginner's Guide: Learn Best Practices, Create a Plan, and Take Action Today to Prepare for Uncertain Times by Reine Lewis
• Intro to Indie Publishing: A newbie-friendly guide to the independent book development process (Writerwerx University 1) by Tenesha L. Curtis
• Multiple Income: The Turnpike to Success by Genaro Patterson
• EXPOSED: You Can’t Heal When You Hide by Serena Mastin
• Take Your Life Back: Overcoming Playing Small by Sherlyn Selassie
• Stitches of a Torn Heart by Shaunae Holmes

To explore more about my work or to discuss potential collaborations, visit my website at ! My website features links to the above audiobooks as well as samples of my voice for your consideration.

Thank you for considering my proposal!

Warm regards,

Candace Berry
Freelance Audiobook Narrator

Note: I do not have raw (dry) samples presently, as I have polished all of my previously recorded samples. I'm happy to submit a raw recording if you'd like; please send me a script.


*Awards & Accomplishments*

*2021 Grand Winner - Audiobook Adrenaline Awards


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