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Candace B.


American, Black American

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Candace is a seasoned audiobook narrator and voice-over actress, bringing a rich professional background in telecommunications, business solutions, and supply chain management to her dynamic narration career. With a voice that comfortably spans the mid-range to deep spectrum, Candace adeptly conveys both a neutral American General voice and an African American General voice, with the added versatility of a convincing Southern accent.

Her narration style is a blend of professional, articulate, and authoritative tones, infused with a warm, personable touch. This unique combination makes her particularly suited for genres such as self-help, memoirs, and explainer-type books, ensuring that content remains engaging and relatable.

With ten completed projects on Audible's ACX platform, Candace has demonstrated her expertise and passion for bringing stories to life. She is eager to lend her voice to new projects, helping authors reach broader audiences through the compelling medium of audiobooks.


Adult Woman and Elderly Woman Dialogue 2
00:00 / 36:55:37
Fiction - Narration and Elderly Voice
00:00 / 31:07:45
Fiction - Intriguing, Deep, Mysterious, Poetic
00:00 / 37:46:59
Memoir - Reflection, Faith-Based
00:00 / 29:38:04
Fiction - Scientific Description
00:00 / 87:10:08
Non-Fiction - Particle Physics Discovery
00:00 / 24:09:21
Adult Woman and Elderly Woman Dialogue
00:00 / 45:54:36
Fiction - Man and Woman Dialogue
00:00 / 81:30:07

*Awards & Accomplishments*

*2021 Grand Winner - Audiobook Adrenaline Awards


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