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Deborah Balm


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Hello!! Im Deborah Balm, and I’m a British audiobook narrator with a passion for bringing stories to life. With a robust portfolio of 98 narrated books, my favourite genres are in Fantasy (Fantasy Romance and Cosy Fantasy), Historical Fiction, Romances, Murder Mysteries, and Biographies.

From the cosy nook of my own StudioBricks at One Plus, meticulously sound-treated for optimal acoustics, I offer a high end experience for your projects. Hardwired with CAT5E Ethernet, I can be directed via SourceConnect and am open to in-person studio sessions in London. My studio is equipped with a Motu-M2 interface and an Austrian Audio OC818 microphone, and my virtual studio tour awaits your visit:  

Having worked with industry giants like Tantor, Highbridge, OrangeSky/Audioworks, Findaway Voices, Findaway Marketplace, and ACX, I take pride in my global outreach to Indie Authors. Repeat hires from Rights Holders are a testament to my commitment to delivering exceptional quality.
Regular coaching from industry leaders keeps my skills sharp, and my active presence on social media allows me to share the joy of my work.
My warm, rich, smooth alto voice spans ages 29-65, complemented by the ability to perform convincing child character voices.
Multilingual in Dutch, German, and French, my primary accent is Standard British RP, but I can shift to Essex or Estuary English or Yorkshire (my native accent) accents for whole books as needed. Versatility extends to Geordie, Scouse, Scottish, Northern Irish, Suffolk, Cockney, and West Country accents, along with great General American, French, and German accents.
Eager to join your roster, my rates are $200 PFH for raw (dry) audio and $225 for ACX ready files. I go the extra mile too, employing third-party proofing and an experienced audiobook editor in ACX Ready production to ensure a polished final product. I take immense pride in the projects I associate my name with.
I’m Particularly enthusiastic about collaborating with directors and engaging in productions with multiple cast members, I welcome the opportunity to contribute to your creative endeavours.


*Awards & Accomplishments*

*2021 Grand Winner - Audiobook Adrenaline Awards


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