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Jen Jayden

Jen Jayden


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Hi there - I’m relatively new to the audiobook world as of this year. After touring as a headliner on cruise lines for 2 decades, I transitioned heavily into music production and recording engineering during the pandemic, and a dear friend and colleague, was finding a great deal of success in the audiobook world and suggested that audiobook narration would be a natural fit. I took her advice this past March and dove in after training with Elise Arsenault.
My October and November were packed with 5 new projects (2 of which are slated to release in the new year). My favorite genres to narrate are romance (new adult, YA, LGBTQ & cozy), Mystery/thrillers, and Non Fiction within the health, self help and fitness arena. I have 3 books in line to record in the next 3 weeks and will have availability to take on new projects the first week of March. Feel free to swing by my website to hear a plethora of samples.

I look forward to potentially working together at some point in the future! Perhaps I’ll get to meet you at APAC this year if your team is attending.

Warm Regards,
Jen Jayden


*Awards & Accomplishments*

*2021 Grand Winner - Audiobook Adrenaline Awards


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