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Kate Wisniewski


American, Canadian, British, Australian, South African

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A classically trained actor, Kate’s love of stories combined with her many years as a stage actor and 30 plus years as a voice over artist, make audiobook narration the perfect vehicle for her creative energies and talents. Kate connects to stories with strong female protagonists; tales of empowerment, optimism and overcoming challenges. Her strengths include a bright versatile sound, subtle and detailed character work, and a range of ages and genders. She brings a variety of accents to her audiobook work including regional American dialects and Standard American, French, German, Italian, Russian, British (RP and regional dialects), Scottish, Australian and Irish. Her favorite genres to perform include Historical Fiction, Mystery/Thrillers, YA, Fantasy, and Non-fiction - especially history. Kate is based in Ashland, OR and in her spare time she can be found hiking the local trails with her miniature poodle.

Home studio details: AKGc214 shock mounted mic, Motu M2 interface, Audacity DAW, acoustically treated noise insulated booth.


Thriller/BBC British and Mid Atlantic accents/Male and Female Dialogue
00:00 / 35:38:33
Thriller/Male and Female/Standard American and BBC British accents
00:00 / 35:38:33
Mystery/American Southern/Male/Female Dialogue
00:00 / 32:45:42
Regency Romance/British accents
00:00 / 40:45:29
Fantasy/Multiple American regional accents
00:00 / 23:22:46
Thriller/Male and Female Characters
00:00 / 25:04:13
Non Fiction/History/Male and Female Characters
00:00 / 25:56:27
00:00 / 29:05:24

*Awards & Accomplishments*

Named as one of 'Seattle's Best Voices'
Multiple 4+ and 5 star Audible reviews


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