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Taylore Rayne


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When I was little, I was an incessant talker. My mom told me I’ll probably end up as a radio announcer because I wouldn’t stop jabbering! After years in corporate America in various roles, and a return to college at 48 to get a bachelor’s and Master of Social Work degree, I finally returned to my original passion – talking out loud. After years of voiceover coaching and improv classes I rediscovered my love of reading and the ‘art’ of narration. When I’m not behind the microphone, I can be found tending to my 30 houseplants and cooking delicious vegan delights.

I currently have 8 books I completed as a part time narrator. I am now focused full time on narration. In between projects I have been recording Tales of the Arabian Nights. I have worked with Sean Pratt on his comprehensive nonfiction training course and have also been working with Shannon Parks for fiction coaching.

I have a PVC booth with acoustic blanket treatment which has been engineer 'approved'. Microphone: Rode NT 1, Interface: PreSonus, DAW: REAPER, Macbook Pro dedicated computer.


*Awards & Accomplishments*

*2021 Grand Winner - Audiobook Adrenaline Awards


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