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Many times authors and publishers prefer an audition casting instead of spending time going through our list of narrators to find a voice they may like. This saves them time.

We post those auditions here.

American Male Narrator P.T2460

Updated: Feb 5

CLOSED. Auditions Under Review By RH

Client: Publisher. ID: P.T2460

Genre: Non Fiction - Self Help

Word Count: 96000

Narrator: Male

Accents: Standard American

Tone: Like Morgan Freeman

Performance: Positive

Summary You are not alone. It is not your fault. There is nothing wrong with you. You can do something about it. Here is what you can do. This is an autobiography written after a major personal breakdown. My anxiety and depression issues had caught up with me at age forty-two. My career had ended, and I was backed so far into my shell that I was hardly able to function. I was pretty much lost. The midlife crisis from hell. I had been fighting anxiety and depression all my life with anything I could find. In this book, I catalog over eighty-five methods I used to fight my anxiety and depression. It is written with life examples to explain how I responded to these methods. This may give insight to what it is like on the inside, especially for those with the same issues.

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