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Production Newsletter

Many times authors and publishers prefer an audition casting instead of spending time going through our list of narrators to find a voice they may like. This saves them time.

We post those auditions here.

Attn. All Narrators - Important Announcement

Dear all wonderful narrators,

Since 2018, e-Audio Productions has come a long way with close to 4000 audiobooks produced for authors and publishers around the world. We have always been trying to do our best for both clients and narrators and most times we have done great.

Time passes and the audiobook industry evolves in many ways. It is time also for e-Audio Productions to make some changes. Before we move to the changes that will be made in the coming weeks, we would like to make clear where we stand regarding A.I narration.

Major outlets like Google Play Audiobooks, Amazon and distributors like Findaway Voices are now accepting AI narrated audiobooks. ACX still has not announced acceptance of AI narrated audiobooks however Amazon seems to be slowly trying to implement or try out AI narrated audiobooks. So it may be a case of ACX accepting AI narration soon.

Where we stand on AI narration: The team at e-Audio Productions values and respects talent and art. We believe in unique performance that brings life to stories. AI tech companies contact us very often about their AI technology. When it comes to art and audiobook performance we stand against it.

-- We believe real human performers should be supported.

-- We believe human narration is what makes every performance unique.

-- We believe in quality productions.

-- e-Audio Productions will not be implementing AI narration nor will be selling or providing narrator voices to AI companies for use in AI narration.


We have received a larger number of audiobook production requests from Publisher clients so during the next few days, multiple P production auditions will be posted on the same day. Many narrators may be receiving these same day notices in one email thread (depending on your email provider) so keep an eye out on those.


We will be gradually rolling out some changes and new production features that will make our audiobook production service even better as it will have more options for authors to produce their audiobooks and also more options for narrators to make more money.


e-Audio Productions will now be partially re-branded and called Audiobook Voices by e-Audio Productions. This includes a new logo and new URL.

Narrators are not required to do anything at the moment.

2. Narrators may deliver full ACX ready audiobooks and receive higher rate PFH

Up to now, for both P (Publisher client) and E (Author client) productions narrators deliver raw punch n roll recordings and all detailed edits (breath control, lip/mouth sounds, noise) mixing and mastering are done in our studios. For E. Productions Narrators will have the opportunity to deliver full ACX ready audiobooks and receive a higher rate PFH.

Note: More details will be given when this officially rolls out.

3. Royalty Share Productions

Royalty Share productions will be implemented for narrators and author clients interested.

Note: More details will be given when this officially rolls out.

4. Kickstart Publishing Kit Affiliate $120 commission - Rolling out next week

Our audiobook production service includes a Kickstart Publishing Kit that our author clients seem to love. This is a kit with promotional tools such as trailers, landing pages, interviews, paid ads, and more, along with distribution from our distribution service Audiobook Release. We will roll out an affiliate program for narrators interested to pitch this Kickstart Publishing Kit to their individual author clients. Narrators will be able to pitch the kit at a discounted price to their author clients and receive $120 in commission each time.

Note: More details will be given out in the next few days.

5. Our new audiobook and ebook marketplace Affiliate $40 commission

We are launching a new marketplace where rights holders will be able to sell their audiobooks and ebooks and receive 100% of sales directly to their paypal accounts. No waiting for monthly reports and payouts. Narrators will be able to pitch the one time fee at a discounted price to their author clients and receive $40 in commission each time.

6. Audiobook Open Auditions Layout & Posts

Changes to the way Open Auditions are posted will be made and industry news and updates will also be shared. More details will be given as this is implemented in the coming weeks.

7. Audiobook Production Portal Changes.

Narrators that have worked on E productions have experienced our Audiobook Portal where team communication with the rights holders, files sharing etc is done. Changes and updates to the setup of the production portal will be made.

Note: More details will be given when this officially rolls out.


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