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Many times authors and publishers prefer an audition casting instead of spending time going through our list of narrators to find a voice they may like. This saves them time.

We post those auditions here.

Male Narrator E. 2216

Updated: Mar 15, 2022


Title: The Bitcoin Heir Next Door Happiness Beyond Generational Wealth

Author: Riste Simnjanovsk

Genre: Non Fiction - FInance Self Help

Word Count: 26000

Narrator: Male

Accent: American or British

Tone: Male, Optimistic, Fun, Motivating


This book is really an about face for a society that has been lied to. The book provides an opportunity for them to change their trajectory of their lives and the lives of those they care for. The text has stories from my past, some painful, some fun...and provides real world examples of failures in financial planning and design.

The text explores inflation, currency manipulation, and crippling debt through an alternative (and somewhat fun) examination of the current state of investing.

A book about faith disguised as a self-help finance book.

E. Production

Please record your great performance and send over raw punch n roll WAV files.

No EQ, No Compression, No Limiting or anything shall be applied.

Auditions will be produced and forwarded to the author.

Download PDF • 121KB


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